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Sarah Pulvertaft’s Kinetic Jewellery

There’s less than a month to go until MADE LONDON – Canary Wharf and Sarah Pulvertaft is gearing up for a lot of making over the next few weeks in preparation.
Sarah will definitely be bringing along some of her pretty new kinetic starburst rings and earrings. They are silver with emeralds and multiple moving elements.
MADE LONDON – Canary Wharf is an ideal opportunity to meet individual makers and talk about commissioning a unique piece of jewellery. Whether it’s for a special occasion, a treat for yourself or another, or the remodelling of a family piece, Sarah loves meeting clients to talk about their ideas.
The ring shown here is the fruit of one such meeting at a show last year.
White gold, diamond and emerald engagement ring with individually moving elements.
Sarah is at MADE LONDON – Canary Wharf during week 2 (22 – 25 March)