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New Furniture by Edward Johnson

Edward Johnson’s work is the product of a deep understanding of his materials and the desire to explore its possibilities, he describes his work as ‘being led by a core desire to challenge and innovate’. The Murano veneers stem from Edward’s interest and expertise in laminating, and his interest in pushing his techniques and materials in new directions.

The original ‘wavy’ Murano veneer was inspired by a visit to the island of Murano, Venice. Venetian master craftsmen have been producing glassware for centuries, by floating layers of different coloured glass through one another to produce exquisite patterns. The principal aim was to develop an organic free-flowing form, to create this effect, hundreds of thin strips of wood are cut in workshop and joined back together using contrasting tones, resulting in sweeping lines and curves that envelop the furniture, bringing a soft, organic surface to the angular forms.

Edward has since developed this concept so that the timber radiates from a central core that continues to engulf the entire piece, with careful and precise attention given to the graduating of colour and tone. Edward sees this process as a way ‘to manipulate the grain of the wood as an artist would manipulate paint with a brush’.

The ‘Radiant’ chest of drawers is made from fumed oak, brown oak, oak, olive ash and ash. It blends progressively from dark to light, starting at the semi-circular core at the top, that radiates outwards and continues to flow down the front and the sides of the cabinet. The drawer fronts are gently curved, along with the base.

Edward is bringing this beautiful piece to MADE LONDON – Canary Wharf.