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Corrinne Eira Evans Jewellery

First Nation art and culture feed the jewellery Corrinne creates. Particular interest is given to their horse blankets, textiles and basketry. Remodelling these influences into contemporary forms combining design elements of traditional fabric trimmings, basket shapes and geometric symbolic patterns which interlock, combine and repeat into fluid, elegant and functional forms. Inter-woven geometric patterns using the traditional method of chain mail with different colours of precious metals, create stories, while edgings and structures represent garment trimmings & basketry. Each link of the traditional method of flat chain mail is hand made and hand put together link by link in 9ct yellow and rose gold, silver and titanium. Other elements enhance her jewellery including carvings and semi-precious stones.

Corrinne is delighted to be showcasing new works at MADE LONDON – Canary Wharf week one, 17th-20th March, including the new ‘Feathers’ Collection. In this collection each item is hand carved, each unique, making an engraved feathered surface on precious metals. The collection is inspired by the First Nations people, in the giving of a feather, a very sacred and important artefact in their culture, rare and only to those who truly deserve. These rings are meant as a gift as wedding bands, civil partnership rings or to the one’s you love, taking influence from this culture.