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Gaby Casemore Lockets

Jeweller Gaby Casemore had so many lovely conversations at MADE BRIGHTON with people about their family lockets and what they mean to them – she even had two women almost in tears – that she really realised how precious they are for families and their history.

Gaby started thinking about a locket for her daughter, but couldn’t find anything modern/contemporary and of good quality, everything was mass produced/imported or rather old fashioned. She thought she would give herself a technical challenge and design and make some herself.

The round shape of her lockets wouldn’t suit a hinge on the side so she experimented with a top hinge that also allowed the chain to pass through it. The textile inspired patterns are accentuated by oxidising the background black and for a really special touch, some of the lockets have a tiny diamond set into the flower centres.

Gaby will be bringing her beautiful lockets to MADE LONDON.