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Edward Johnson – Murano Collection

Furniture maker, Edward Johnson,  will be exhibiting two new pieces from his latest Murano collection at MADE LONDON – Canary Wharf during week 2 – from 22 – 25 March. This is the first time that this new range has been exhibited, with the pieces currently in production in the workshop.

The collection was initially inspired by a visit to Venice, where master glassmakers float layers of different colored glass through one another. ‘Centrum’, the piece shown here, was the precursor for the collection, where Edward developed and produced his own unique veneer. Hundreds of thin strips were cut and joined back together around a central radius, using the lighter and darker sections of walnut to emphasise the sweeping lines.

Over the past few months, Edward has been developing this laminating process into a more organic free-flowing form that has become the identifying feature of the new Murano collection. Again, this laminating process uses hundreds of strips of timber joined together in long waves and intricately inlayed into each other, to create a flowing mural. He sees it as a process that allows him to manipulate the grain as an artist would a paint brush.

Most of the Murano collection to-date has been part of an ambitious commission of both fitted and stand-alone pieces. However, Edward is delighted to be showing two brand new exhibition pieces at MADE LONDON – Canary Wharf